Dylon 12 Fabric Dye – Velvet Black

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  • Fabric Dye for Machine Usage. The shade you achieve will depend on 3 things:
    • Fabric Type:-
      • Cotton, Linen & Viscose will dye to Full Shade
      • Polyester/Cotton & Polyester/Viscose Mixes will dye to Lighter Shade
      • Wool, Silk, Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon & Fabric with Special Finishes e.g. ‘Dry Clean Only’, cannot be dyed.
    • Fabric Amount:
      • 1 pod will dye up to 600g of fabric (e.g. jeans, bath towel, double sheet) to the full shade and up to 1.2kg of fabric (e.g. double duvet) to lighter shade.
      • Multiple packs will dye larger amounts to full shade.
    • Original Fabric Colour:-
      • Colour mixing rules apply, e.g. blue dye on red fabric gives purple
      • Patterned fabric will often still show through
      • Use Dylon Pre-Dye to lighten Strong Colours if going to a Weaker Colour
    • Full instructions on the pack

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