Make Glanville’s of St Columb your first stop for household ironmongery and hardware in Cornwall. We sell Bins, Brushes, Buckets, Baking Trays and Baby Bio. Compost, Caustic Soda, Can Openers and Clocks. Furrels, Fan Heaters, Fly Papers, Firelighters and Fablon. Mats, Mouse Traps, Mashers, Mixing Bowls and Moth Balls.
Plants, Pegs, Postboxes, Padlocks and Peelers. Seeds, Scissors, Scourers, Soda Crystals and String. Teapots, Tea Towels, Tea Lights, Troughs and Trowels. Wheelbarrows, Washing Lines, Windolene and Wire Wool. Picture Hooks, Coat Hooks, Cup Hooks or Cleat Hooks. Barrel Bolts, Cranked Bolts and Nuts and Bolts. Hasp’n Staples, Latches and Locks.

And in case you were wondering… yes we do sell Four Candles and Fork Handles, Hose and Hoes, Sink Plugs, Electrical Plugs and Wall Plugs!

If we don’t sell it, you don’t need it.

Same / next day delivery to St Columb, St Merryn, St Eval, St Mawgan, Mawgan Porth, Roche, Indian Queens, Fraddon, Summercourt and surrounding areas.